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Dogs Behaving Badly? is on the move!

Having worked with hundreds of clients and their dogs over the past 13 years in Counties Louth, east Meath, Monaghan, north Dublin and across the border in Northern Ireland,
I am moving to the midlands of Ireland to a home that perfectly suits the way I want to progress my dog career.

This means that I am no longer taking bookings from clients in the northeast of Ireland, but will soon be starting again in the midlands. I will also continue to take bookings in the North of Ireland.

I am so sorry for any inconvenience this will cause to dog owners in the northeast, I can't help but feel a little sad at leaving you all behind! For alternative certified dog trainers who may be able to help, please check out the Association of Pet Dog Trainers website, and click on the "Find a Trainer" link.

Of course, you can always email me via this website, as I may be able to help you via email, phone, or to recommend an alternative trainer and/or behaviourist who may be able to help you.

Sincerest and heartfelt thanks to all of my clients, and the support of local vets, groomers and rescues since setting Dogs Behaving Badly? up in 2002!

Behavioural vs Training Consultations

I carry out both training and behavioural consultations on a one-to-one basis in your home, using only evidence-based, dog-friendly, ethical training techniques. No slapping, no shouting, no choke chains or prong collars, no shock collars… in other words, nothing that will cause your dog fear, anxiety, startle or distress. That’s just not necessary, and in any case does not address the core problem: it merely inhibits the behavioural symptoms of the core problem, often temporarily.

It’s all about building upon your relationship with your dog, helping you to understand where your dog is coming from, so that both of you enjoy training, helping you both to develop a strong and happy lifelong bond.

Training and behavioural consultations are different to one another, requiring different levels of intervention, and so are priced differently. I hope that the following helps you to understand what the differences are, although there is often some overlap between the two.

If your dog jumps up on visitors, pulls on the lead, has housetraining problems, won’t come back when he’s called, or is disobedient, then the chances are it’s a training issue, not a behavioural one.

However, if your dog is aggressive, fearful or phobic, anxious, or suffering from any other emotional problems, then your dog is probably suffering from a behavioural problem.

Training consultations usually last for about 2 hours, and can cover a range of training issues. At the start of the consultation, we will identify a comprehensive list of the training issues you’re having, which will be addressed during the subsequent consultation. Whilst we won’t have an obedience champion by the end of my visit, you and your dog will have grasped the basics, and you’ll know enough to be able to progress their training to a more advanced level that you can apply in all sorts of real-life, day-to-day situations.

Behavioural consultations last longer, usually 3 hours or more depending upon the intensity of the problem. Please note that as this is an intensive session which must concentrate on the behavioural issue at hand, any training issues not highlighted by you during our pre-consultation phone call may not be addressed during the behavioural consultation, unless these training issues are influencing the behavioural problem. Follow-up consultations may be necessary, but this will be addressed during the first consultation.

A veterinary consultation is required prior to the behavioural consultation. Depending upon the behavioural problem and symptoms, I may refer the dog back to the vet if I suspect there is an underlying medical issue which is causing or exacerbating the problem behaviour.

Owners who have their dog insured with Allianz can claim for behavioural consultations with me, with prior referral from their vet.

Shortly after both training and behaviour consultations, all clients receive a comprehensive report which revises everything we covered during our consultation, so that you have a written reference to hand. I am also always available to give follow-up support over the phone or by email for the training and/or behavioural issues addressed during our consultation, for the life of the dog.

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