Dogs Behaving Badly? -
Photos of Dog Training and Dog Management.

Maureen Byrne and her dogs on the beach and elsewhere in County Louth, Ireland.

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Dog pyschologist with her dog in Ireland
"How do you do?" Lara shows off her manners!
Dog training in Ireland with Maureen Byrne
"Concentrate everybody! Let's get to work."
Dogs sitting to attention
"Are you all listening carefully? Then I'll begin..."
Training Dogs in Ireland
"You're all behaving so well! Keep it going..."
Dogs having fun on the beach in Ireland.
"That's the serious stuff over with, now let's play!"
Maureen Byrne, canine psychologist with her dogs.
Maureen and the gang: Raffie, Bracken and Lara
Maureen Byrne, canine trainer, working on off-lead heelwork.
Lara working on off-lead heelwork.
 Jake the German Shepherd pup, unsure of himself around other dogs due to under-socialisation as a youngster.
Jake, working on his focus and basic obedience before exposing him to another dog.
Jake after being trained to socialise with other dogs.
Jake by the end of the session, with Lara! As you can see, he's quite at ease with her.