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Dogs Behaving Badly? is on the move!

Having worked with hundreds of clients and their dogs over the past 13 years in Counties Louth, east Meath, Monaghan, north Dublin and across the border in Northern Ireland,
I am moving to the midlands of Ireland to a home that perfectly suits the way I want to progress my dog career.

This means that I am no longer taking bookings from clients in the northeast of Ireland, but will soon be starting again in the midlands. I will also continue to take bookings in the North of Ireland.

I am so sorry for any inconvenience this will cause to dog owners in the northeast, I can't help but feel a little sad at leaving you all behind! For alternative certified dog trainers who may be able to help, please check out the Association of Pet Dog Trainers website, and click on the "Find a Trainer" link.

Of course, you can always email me via this website, as I may be able to help you via email, phone, or to recommend an alternative trainer and/or behaviourist who may be able to help you.

Sincerest and heartfelt thanks to all of my clients, and the support of local vets, groomers and rescues since setting Dogs Behaving Badly? up in 2002!

Dogs Behaving Badly? -
Dog Training and Behaviour Consultancy Service


Does your dog suffer from behavioural problems?
Dogs Behaving Badly? specialises in all aspects of dog management and behaviour, giving professional help and advice.


Based in County Louth, Ireland, Dogs Behaving Badly? was set up by Maureen Byrne in 2002. It is a dog training and behaviour consultancy service, specialising in solving and managing behavioural problems in pet dogs.


Living with a misbehaving dog can put a lot of pressure on the owner and family, in many cases the dog simply cannot be part of the family any more. The dog usually pays the price, banished to the garden for long hours, rehomed, abandoned, or put to sleep.

But in so many cases, the problems can be put right with a bit of understanding about dog behaviour, how dogs learn, and how this influences how they behave for us. Once we understand why our dog is doing what he does, we can implement a plan for rehabilitating the owner/dog relationship.

Quite quickly, the owner sees that their dog can be taught and managed properly so that he becomes a pleasure to own. That is just what owning a dog is meant to be all about! And that is just what we do when I come to visit you for a one-to-one session in your home.

I am committed to using only kind, gentle, reward-based methods with all dogs I help: these methods make learning fun for a dog, they make him want to learn. And all the while, treating our dogs with respect and gentleness can only help the bond between owner and dog.

I can help to teach any dog of any age, all breeds, forms, shapes and sizes. Whilst we will achieve a considerable amount of learning and skills during our session, I am really there to guide the owner on how to proceed from here: many problems need to be dealt with over time, and I give you the knowledge and tools needed to get the results you are looking for.

On referral from your vet, customers with Allianz pet insurance policies can claim for behavioural sessions with me, a service which I’m delighted to be able to provide. Please contact me for more details if you can avail of this service.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss solutions to a canine behaviour problem.